David DesAutels

David DesAutels

Advisory Board | Energy | Engineering | General Business Facilitator | Management | Strategic Planning | Technology 

Upstream Oil and Gas/Leadership/Management/ Strategic Planning/Advisory Board/Start Up Companies


David DesAutels Oil and Gas executive with 40 years’ upstream experience in development and exploration. Worked over 100 economical  development projects worldwide, conventional and unconventional, in various executive roles. Technically creative: can quickly ascertain problem areas in business analysis or complex developments with solutions that may not have been immediately evident.   

Successfully built two start up consulting companies, Synertia Energy, LLC and Seregon Energy, LLC.

David has lived in three foreign countries, Qatar, Indonesia and Colombia and is well versed in cultural issues regarding employees and foreign business practices. David has also worked in almost 50 countries including Colombia, Indonesia, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Qatar, Oman, Argentina, Israel, UK, Falklands, Ecuador, Peru, Russia, Canada, UAE.


Areas where David can bring Coaching and Mentoring into Business thinking:

Decision analysis and the thinking behind decisions: exploring possibilities for alternative ways to lead and think

Working beyond limitations and into breakthrough space

Employee engagement



Board Leadership                   Subsurface Technology         Private Equity                         

Exit Strategy                           Decision Analysis                   Risk Mitigation                        

Process Excellence                Staffing Analysis                     Discipline Integration              

Risk Assessment                   Uncertainty Analysis               Bias


Recent Business Experience:

Managing Director, Synertia Energy, LLC, Upstrean Geoscience and Engineering Consulting, Producing Property Asset Management, Acquisitions and Divestitures, Commercial and Business Development, 2017 - current

President/CEO, Seregon Energy, LLC, Subsurface Consulting and Producing Property Asset Management, 2011 - current

President, Zavanna Canada Corporation, Canadian Oil and Gas Producer, 2011 - 2016

Director Development Geoscience, Noble Energy, Inc, Worldwide Development and Appraisal, 2008 - 2016

Board Advisor, Moably, 2011 - 2016

Vice President Geoscience, Occidental Colombia and Chief Production Geoscientist, 2000 - 2007


Published Author:

“The Twelve Step Program to Better Business Management”

“The Alaska Oil Conspiracy”



Masters of Science in Geology , University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN

Wharton Executive Education Finance, University of Pennsylvania.

Gap International extensive leadership training in transforming organizations and team growth and performance.

Project Management, Holland & Davis.





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