Jaime Stein

Jaime Stein

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10/13- 9/15     Chief Geoscience OfficerGeotrace Technologies Inc.Responsible to the BOD for the technology development and setting direction and vision for the future. Involved in all M&A activities and play an advisory role to BOD. Continue leading a small excellence team (P&L) to assist business units in all technical matters worldwide. In charge of technical marketing efforts, assist in sales and high level client liaison.

6/05- 10/13     Chief GeoscientistGeotrace Technologies Inc. Responsible for all technologies offered at Geotrace worldwide, including Geophysical, Geological, Petrophysical and Engineering. Provide high level scientific advice to CEO and BOD. Chief Geophysicists report into this position. I am also head of the Innovations group which is Task Force group of  G&G, R&D and developers focusing on future technology and difficult one-of-kind problems.

1/05-6/05        Chief Geophysicist. Geotrace Technologies Inc.  Responsible for the proper application and content of all geophysical technologies applied by our services groups. These include Land, Marine, Depth and Reservoir Services Division. Part of the decision making team concerning hardware and software. I am also the principal technical spokesperson for the company on technical matters, including publications and client interactions.

4/04-12/04     Vice-president for Applied Geophysical Technologies, Paradigm Geophysical. Responsible for the proper application of Geophysical Technologies in the Service Groups. Liaison between the R&D and the Internal and External Services groups. Client Interactions and technical presentations to the Industry. Responsible for the integration of the Core Laboratories Technology acquired by Paradigm in Q1/04

11/02–4/04    Vice-president for Research and Development, Core Laboratories. Responsible for all scientific and technological development of the Reservoir Technology Group, made up of about 30 people worldwide and with a budget of about 3.6 million dollars annually. Areas of R&D include but are not limited to Basic Signal Processing, Preprocessing, PSTM and all aspects of PSDM including Wave Equation Migrations and Multiple Elimination Techniques, Petrophysical and Rock Property derivation including AVO and attribute determination. I am also the technology spokesperson for the products offered.

9/00–10/02    Chief Technology Officer, Nutec Sciences Inc. Responsible for all scientific and technological development of the Corporation in all areas of activity, including the Energy Service, Biotech and Healthcare Divisions. Overlooking three Vice Presidents and 5 managers in three separate divisions, including Software Development and Applications, Research and Development, Supercomputing Hardware R&D and Supercomputing Services and Applications, including many Masters and Doctoral level Researchers. Provided tactical and strategic direction for Technology and R&D and was responsible for all IP in the corporation. I was also the primary spokesperson in matters of technology, sciences, research and supercomputing. Architect and co-developer of the Finite Difference Wave equation Migration, the first commercial implementation of this patented technology on a massive parallel computer. Coauthor of the wave equation illumination technology.

9/98 –9/00      Vice President Nutec Services Inc.  In charge of all aspects of Development and Implementation of our various product. These include PRIMA: a Seismic Imaging Software Package, GLEAMS: a differential Expression Analysis tool and CHOMPS: a Data Mining and Visualization tool for the Health Care Industry

12/97-9/98     Consultant, Amerada Hess Corporation. Senior Level Position responsible for the direction of research as well as the identification of key technologies and it integration into the company’s repertoire.

12/94-12/97    Sr. Professional Geophysical SpecialistAmerada Hess Corporation. Researched and Developed many innovations in the area of Seismic Imaging, Velocity Determination and Parallel Computing and 3D Visualization. Consulted with the domestic and international branches of the Exploration and Production units in the corporation on imaging, modeling and velocity determination.

10/93-12/94    Scientist. Thinking Machines Corporation. Work with clients and prospective clients to port, write and parallelize existing codes for the CM5 and CM2 and CM200 Machines.  Advised, consulted and assisted the worldwide sales and marketing groups in areas related to the Oil and Gas Industry.

4/89-10/93     Geophysicist, Shell Development Company. Research and Development of Seismic Imaging software. Developed several Seismic Processing Algorithms including True Amplitude 3D DMO, 3D MZO and Velocity Inversion algorithms. Instrumental in refining velocity updating schemes and Multiple Detection and elimination. Study of Anisotropy on Depth Migration

9/85-4/89        Postdoctoral Researcher, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Research in Relativistic Astrophysics and Particle Physics. Sponsored by NASA/DOE.

6/88-7/88       Visiting Scientist, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, México. Research and Lecture series on Cosmology and General Relativity.

6/86-6/86       Visiting Fellow, University Of Sussex, UK. Research and Lecture on Cosmology and General Relativity.

1984-1985      Postdoctoral Researcher, University Of Sussex, UK. Basic research in Relativistic Cosmology and Particle Physics.


1981-1984      Ph. D. Relativistic Astrophysics. University of Sussex, U.K.

1977-1981      B.Sc. Physics minor in General Relativity. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, México.


  •   2011 Meritorious Awards for Engineering Excellence
  •   Member of Advisory Board to IBM Blue Gene Project (2001-2002)
  •   Shell Special Recognition Award (1992)
  •   CONACYT Post-Doctoral Fellowship (1984-1985)
  •   British Council Doctoral Fellowship (1983-1985)
  •   CONACYT Doctoral Fellowship (1981-1984)
  •   Presidential Medal in physics (1977-1981)


Over 50 publications in several disciplines from Geophysics, Digital Data Processing, Wave Propagation, Seismic Imaging, Velocity Modeling, Anisotropy, Numerical Algorithms, Data Mining, Software Development, Relativistic Astrophysics, General Relativity, High Energy Physics, Elementary Particle Physics, Genetics, Biotech

Holder of US patent # 6,317,695 Seismic data processing method. November 13, 2001

Languages: English and Spanish


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