Mark Miller

Mark Miller

General Business Facilitator | Management

Mark joined JMFA in 2012, as Director of Sales to support the company’s growth as ongoing regulatory and economic conditions continued to challenge the financial services industry. With more than 30 years of management, business development, sales and marketing experience, he is responsible for on-going development of the company’s sales and marketing strategies, as well as sales training initiatives.
Prior to joining JMFA, Mark was President of Strategies for Success, Inc., a business development firm that he founded in 1998. As a licensee of the Sandler Sales Institute and award-winning sales manager and trainer, he helped businesses across a variety of industries dramatically increase their annual revenues and improve their business practices. Mark has also excelled as a Sales/Marketing Executive for a Fortune 100 electronics company and Chief Operating Officer for a $30 million manufacturing business.
He was previously associated with JMFA in 2002 and was instrumental in developing the company’s current sales program. Since that time he has served JMFA in a consulting capacity. Mark earned a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees in biochemistry from West Virginia University.


Since 1998 Miller has successfully trained hundreds of sales professionals in diverse industries such as: Technology; Financial Services; Health Care; Construction; Manufacturing; Chemical; Energy; etc. His graduates have increased their sales revenues 19% on average.

During the same period Miller has also successfully trained many Sales Managers of growth oriented small and mid-sized companies through his "Strategic Sales Management" boot camp and his "Cornerstones for High Performance" boot camp.

Many of the graduates from Miller's training programs have enthusiastically said, "Miller's humorous, low key, pragmatic yet high energy teaching style is amazingly effective."


In 1977 Miller was hired by Emerson Electric - a Fortune 500 company - after graduating from West Virginia University with Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees. During his 13 years with Emerson he was an above quota sales representative, a Regional Manager and a Manager of the Year.

From 1990 to 1993 he was Vice President of Sales and marketing for an emerging oil & gas instrumentation company. And, until 1998 he was Chief Operating Officer and Marketing Director for a $30,000,000 instrumentation company.


In 1998 Miller purchased Strategies For Success, Inc., an Authorized Licensee of the award winning Sandler Sales Institute. Sandler was founded in 1984. It has 180 offices, and is recognized to offer the most innovative sales training programs in America. Miller is a "Certified Sales Trainer" and Sandler has presented Miller with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Heavy Hitter Awards for Training Excellence.

Additionally, Miller is a graduate of the following Sandler Courses:

  • Strategic Management - 220 hour, 1 year training for mid to high level management; and
  • Presidents Club - 150 hour, 1 year interactive, premier course for sales executives and high performance sales professionals.

Miller is also a graduate of:

  • Xerox Professional Sales Training;
  • Dale Carnegie's Course for Sales People; and
  • Psychology Associates for Management & Sales Training.


  • General Business Facilitator
  • Management

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