Fox Den

Fox Den

Learn more about one of our newest signature programs.

The Silver Fox Advisors’ Fox Den Program gives Silver Fox Advisors’ CEO Roundtable members an opportunity to present their business plans for growth, expansion, financing needs, acquisition, exit or other pressing issue(s) to a panel of Silver Fox Advisors. The presenters will receive feedback and comments on their plans during the Fox Den sessions, as well as feedback and coaching from their CEO Roundtable Advisor following their Fox Den presentation.

Patty Sobelman, Head of School at the Pines Montessori School in Kingwood presenting her growth plan to a Silver Fox Advisors Fox Den panel.

Patty Sobelman’s Testimonial after her presentation:

What can 75 minutes do for you and your business?  When you spend those 75 minutes surrounded with hundreds of years of wisdom it could change everything.  Small businesses in Houston are very fortunate to have such a deep bench of wisdom.  It comes in the form of the Silver Fox Advisors and these 75 minutes is their program - The Fox Den.  After an application and acceptance to The Fox Den program, Silver Fox Advisors are hand-picked to match your business.  You, the business owner, prepare and present your business plan and your growth opportunity to the panel and in turn, you receive honest and unvarnished insight into your business and into yourself.  It is during this time that every business experience, every success, every failure, every opportunity, both missed and realized in their extraordinary careers is shared with you.  It is up to you, to put this advice into practice.  So, what is the cost for these 75 minutes?  Free!  What is the benefit?   Incalculable!

The Fox Den program, offered by the Silver Fox Advisors of Houston, is a true gift to the small business community. 

This gift is for you…open it!

Patty Sobelman, Head of School
Pines Montessori School


  1. There is no fee to the presenters for a Fox Den session.
  2. Plans are limited to 12 pages in length. A plan template is included on pages 6 - 9 of the Fox Den packet and presenters are asked to follow this template when constructing their business plan presentation packages. Plans should also include a one-page Executive Summary. The Fox Den presentations and discussions will be conducted in just over an hour.
  3. Businesses making Fox Den presentations must provide their SIC code and number of full-time equivalent employees in order to receive comparative financial data for other similar businesses.
  4. The plans must clearly state upfront the presenters’ purpose for coming to the Fox Den (e.g., seeking a capital injection, looking for conventional financing, positioning business for a sale, acquiring another company, expanding into a new market, relocating operation, offering a new product line or service, buying a new facility, etc.)
  5. Plans will be evaluated on the following elements:
    1. Realistic
    2. Achievable
    3. Ease of Understanding
    4. Critical Factors Taken into Consideration, such as: 
      1. Financial
      2. Market Conditions
      3. Competition
      4. Company's Abilities to Perform
      5. Management
      6. Proof of Concept
      7. Pay Back
      8. SWOT Analysis
      9. Time Line
      10. Marketing
    5. Presentation Skills
    6. Overall Plan                                           
  6. Presentations will take place just prior to the Silver Fox Advisors’ Lunch & Learn events. The Fox Den presentations will be held at 10:00 am on the fourth Thursday of the month at The Houston Racquet Club, 10709 Memorial Drive, Houston, Texas 77024.
  7. Fox Den presentations are limited to two individuals from the business. Participating Silver Fox Advisors will include up to four panel members, a discussion facilitator, and the Advisor of the presenter’s CEO Roundtable. The CEO Roundtable Advisor will act as an observer and will not participate in the panel discussion.
  8. Presenters will be invited to the Lunch & Learn event as guests of the Silver Fox Advisors.
  9. Presentation packages, including the written plan and any power point presentation slides, are due to the Silver Fox Advisors Fox Den Chairman at least twenty (20) days prior to the Fox Den Presentation.



My experience with the Fox Den was INVALUABLE! Where else can you get 4-5 industry veterans to not only comment on your pitch but also provide guidance and potential solutions?

Greg den Herder CEO
Abby’s Catering Services

The entire Fox Den program was well organized and helpful. Even preparing the information and application brought clarity to the issue I was presenting and it better prepared me for the review.

It was exciting to experience the benefit of the decades of corporate leadership and business experience possessed by the Fox Den panel. It was obvious much time was invested in the review of my business plan and how willing they were to be of assistance. Their questions were insightful and the recommendations very beneficial.

One of the Fox Den panel members contacted me after the review and gave me a list of contracts to help me grow my business. He is even willing to make a personal introduction. I would also like to mention that my company has increased in revenues and we cleared up the balance sheets and depreciation schedules before closing out 2016.

The Fox Den program was a wonderful experience and I recommend it to other CEOs wanting assistance with their companies.

Laura True
Aquaocean Transport, Inc.

I seized the opportunity as a CEO Round Table member to present a business plan to a panel of Silver Fox Advisors through their Fox Den program. I found the panel of advisors were strategically selected to be a strong fit for Bocci Engineering & Construction. While it was hard work and time consuming to prepare, I certainly came away with far more than I expected. Each panel member had thoroughly reviewed my submittal and came ready with questions and empowering suggestions and feedback. Their insights and offers for continued business consulting support are valuable and timely, in support of growing Bocci Engineering nationally.  I highly recommend the Fox Den to business owners seeking real and practical business advice from experienced business owners and consultants

Lianne Lami
CEO, Bocci Engineering & Construction

The exercise of narrowing down our most significant business issue helped me focus on what is going to make the biggest impact on our business.  The critique and advice given by the Silver Foxes opened my eyes to new opportunities and confirmed some decisions I need to make.  I highly recommend stepping into the Fox Den if given the opportunity.

Zawadi Bryant
CEO, Nightlight Pediatric Urgent Care

The Fox Den was definitely the most intensive advisory exercise that I've ever experienced. The assembled panel of Silver Fox Advisors conducted a thorough review and provided valuable feedback on our business plan. In particular, the feedback received on our marketing plan and financials will help us refine our business plan and improve our business.

Bruce McMordie, CEO
Texas Swim Academy

As a small business, we spend a lot of time in front of investors, lenders and clients "pitching" ourselves. Whether it's to raise funds, get debt or make a sale - we have to constantly deal with qualifications, objections or rejections. Getting an honest answer or reasoning to any of these objections or rejections is a true challenge and without understanding the true reason for your rejection, it's very difficult to improve. Our experience with the Fox Den provided priceless insight - honest insight - that allowed us to truly understand our potential clients, lenders and investors perspective. The process of application to the Fox Den was insightful on its' own but the actual Fox Den experience was eye opening. The feedback and recommendations we received have helped us improve the way we do business. Not to mention that we also had the opportunity to network with some of Houston's top business leaders and made friends along the way.

Noor Alnahhas
Managing Director Ensosoft

Thank you to the Silver Fox Advisors Fox Den group for the opportunity to present Caliber’s business plan to such a professional, intelligent, experienced group of business people.  I appreciate the time that was devoted to thoroughly read the plan in preparation for the meeting with me.  Your feedback such as improving in the areas of technical services, identifying an operations manager and defining roles and responsibilities were enlightening and helpful.   I have heeded this advice and begun to implement these suggestions.   I am honored to have been given the opportunity to present to your group.

Kellye Badon, President
Caliber Solutions

I am very glad to be a part of David Wadler’s CEO round table to learn his wisdom and real practice experience from all other members in the party. Participating Fox Den program was one of the best decisions I have made. Knowledge gained from the FOX DEN is very helpful towards the company’s operation, direction, and goals.

Sandy Huang President
SunNet Solutions

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