Doug Thorpe

Doug Thorpe

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WHAT I DO? - I Can Help YOU Build a Stronger Leadership Team in Your Business. Essentially, I allow you to focus on running the business INSTEAD of fighting people PROBLEMS and…I eliminate your STRESS of how your managers are handling your vision.

WHO DO I WORK WITH? C-suite, middle managers, new first-time managers, and Entrepreneurs; all in mid-stage companies from $500K to $100 million.

DEFINITION of 'LEADERSHIP TEAM' – Anyone you’ve hired to manage a work team in your company.

When we need managers, too often we select people we think we like the most or trust the best to be our frontline managers or department heads. In the process, we often ruin a good producer.

To get the best result, we need to provide these managers with some coaching so they can make the shift from front line employee to manager and ultimately, LEADER.

PROFESSIONAL COACHING is adding a brand new, low resistance way to get more from the management team around you.

If you want more from your LEADERSHIP TEAM to grow your business and improve employee performance... we should work together.

Throughout my executive career, I have held executive leadership positions at organizations including Headway Exec LLC, Jobs Ministry Southwest, SolomonEdwards Group LLC, Profile Business Systems LLC, and Chase.

In my current role as President and CEO of HeadwayExec LLC, I work closely with executive clients around the globe to help individuals develop advanced leadership skills. I leveraged my own executive coaching training to create and implement effective training programs and advisory services for senior leadership teams. I was the Founder and Director of Jobs Ministry Southwest, a non-denominational, faith-based 501c (3) jobs ministry which was featured in Fortune magazine. Since its establishment in 2008, the ministry has delivered over 35,000 training and career coaching hours.

My leadership blog, , was ranked in the Top 100 Leadership Blogs List in 2016 and has over 125,000 social media followers.

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