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Hank Moore

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Hank Moore is an internationally known business advisor, speaker and author. He is that rare 1 out of 100,000 senior business advisors, a Big Picture strategist, with original, cutting-edge ideas for creating, implementing and sustaining corporate growth throughout every sector of the organization. His Business Tree™ is a trademarked approach to growing, strengthening and evolving business, while mastering change.

He is a Corporate Strategist™, with his trademarked concept, The Business Tree™. Hank conducts independent performance reviews, Strategic Planning, Visioning and growth strategies for organizations of all sizes. He conducts Executive Think Tanks nationally...with the result being the companies' destinies being charted. He has presented Think Tanks for five U.S. Presidents.

As the nation's only Corporate Strategist™, he works with boards of directors, CEOs and executive teams of corporations...guiding them toward a profitable Vision and increased shareholder value. He facilitates decision-maker "think tanks" based purely upon his own ideasand creative concepts. Hank Moore's client list includes more than 5,000, including 100 of the Fortune 500 companies and many public sector entities.

He has been inducted into two Halls of Fame for professional achievements. He has won more than 150 awards for client work and community stewardship. He has been accorded citations of merit from Presidents Johnson, Carter, Reagan and Bush. He has four trademarked concepts of business...heralded widely for insightful ways to remediate corporate damage, enhance productivity and facilitate better business.

There are four ways in which Hank Moore works with client organizations:

Speaker at executive retreats and planning sessions. He speaks and 
consults on corporate vision, strategic planning, company turnarounds, 
industry repositioning, change management, diversity and branding by 
virtue of a long track record in managing such programs for major 
corporate clients. He speaks on topics that only one who has "been 
there" can address.

Conduct independent assessments and/or provide consultation on Big 
Picture growth opportunities.

Counsel the board and senior management in developing growth strategies and strategic plans. His Business Tree model has been adopted by corporations, government and non-profit organizations as a model for future growth. 
Counsel in the development of true corporate Vision and a corporate culture.

1. The Business Tree™. 7 parts-progressions of a successful organization.
2. Power Stars to Light the Business Flame...The Business Visionaries and You.
3, The Classic Television Reference,
4. The High Cost of Doing Nothing. Why good companies go bad and how to correct them.
5. The Future Has Moved...and Left No Forwarding Address.

Client Advising-Consulting Activities: 
Company reorganizations. 
Taking clients public. 
Strategic Planning. 
Marketplace repositioning. 
Community stewardship. 
Corporate Visioning. 
Crisis management-preparedness. 
Growth Strategies programs. 
Quality management. 
Reorganizing board of directors. 
Creative idea generation 
Executive Think Tanks. 
Performance reviews. 
Non-profit consultation. 
Board & CEO advising. 
Big Picture viewpoint.

Categories of Speaking Engagements:
Executive Think Tanks for corporate leadership. 
Association and corporate leadership development institutes. 
Economic development symposia and conference Futurism keynoter. 
Instructing business leaders how to conduct Strategic Planning. 
Hank Moore is one of the world's few business overview experts, qualified to motivate business to move past the recession and strategize what's next. He is often the opening Futurist Keynote Speaker for conventions, staying atop trends for most industries. Peter Drucker has described Hank Moore as "the Peter Drucker of the 21st Century." Drucker also called Moore's Business Tree™ "the most original business model of the last 40 years." His business savvy, track record, body of knowledge, case studies and handout materials provide a more comprehensive package than any other business presenter. He discusses topics that one can only cover from having advised them over a long career:
* Shaping business trends, challenges and opportunities.
* Corporate responsibility and ethics.
* Creating and rebuilding corporate cultures.
* New ways of doing business in the future.
* Visioning and strategic planning.
* Building coalitions, collaborations and joint-ventures.
* Crisis management and preparedness.
* International business.

He has changed corporate cultures, reorganized corporations, charted new directions for associations, created new opportunities and strategically planned thousands of businesses.

He stays atop trends affecting every industry. As a generalist, he gives perspectives that niche industry consultants cannot. He has actually "been there" for four decades and has guided top companies toward higher levels of success.

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Testimonials offered for speaking and consulting expertise:

"Any serious organization would do well to listen to this man. He sparks of genius, creativity and plain common sense." George Bush, introduction at economic symposium

"How can one person with so much insight into history and nostalgia be such a visionary? Hank Moore is one of the few who understands the connection." Dick Clark, broadcasting legend

"Hank Moore speaks from the brain and from the heart. I've personally observed his futuristic projections and insights since 1958." Lady Bird Johnson, former First Lady

"He is the only speaker or business advisor whom I heard this year who is truly the CEOs' peer. Hank Moore is the only one with an Ethics Statement, which CEOs understand and appreciate." Peter Bijur, Chairman, Texaco

"Hank Moore is a million dollar idea person. He is one of the few business experts whose work directly impacts a company's book value." Herb Kelleher, Chairman, Southwest Airlines.


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