Howard London

Howard London

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Howard London has been a CEO/entrepreneur/owner and is a professional business development consultant. He has extensive experience in advertising, marketing, sales, management, business and strategic planning and business communications. London’s civil engineering education at City University of New York combined with more than 40 years of diversified business ownership, and consulting activities provides his clients with a wealth of marketing, technical, creative and administrative knowledge.


Until 1988, London owned and managed a leading, Houston- based, full service advertising, design and marketing firm. In addition to his executive responsibilities, London was a marketing advisor to his company’s major clients. He assisted in the planning, writing, design and implementation of programs offering more than $650,000,000 in investment opportunities. 

Until 1997, London was also founder and President of Texas Regional Development Corp. 
- a non-profit economic development enterprise in Central Texas. He discovered under utilized resources and helped pioneer the successful growth of fully integrated, non-traditional agricultural enterprises including: wine, apple and venison production.


London is a Past President of the Silver Fox Advisors and a member since April 1998. Until June 1999, he mentored and advised the owners of the largest residential real estate franchise in Texas. Since then he has helped many diverse clients achieve substantial growth and success. From 2003 to 2005 he helped a financial services client increase annual sales from $9,000,000 to $51,000,000 per year. 

His small and mid-size clients have been:

• Technology-based companies; 
• Health care, Legal, and Financial Services providers;
• Real Estate and Investment firms; 
• Manufacturers; 
• Wholesale, Retail, and Food Service businesses; and
• Not for Profit organizations.

London is mentoring and advising his current CEO/owner clients on all aspects of business management, and he is assisting them with the development of all business, marketing and sales strategies. He is also guiding the production and implementation of their business/ marketing action plans.


Howard London wrote and published The Six Minute Business Plan in 1989. This book shows entrepreneurs how to prepare an easy read, comprehensive, persuasive business plan for investors, venture capitalists, bankers and other financial decision makers. He is currently writing a book on business development, YCDBSOYA. 


Howard London has served as: Founder and President of Texas Regional Development Corporation - a south central Texas not-for-profit organization; Executive Vice President of the Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce; a “Business Planning Workshop” facilitator for the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce; and as an active member of both the San Antonio Economic Development Coordinating Council and the Texas Federal Rural Economic Development Council.

Currently he is a member of the Board of Advisors for the Texas Southern University School of Business and he is a perennial judge for the annual Rice Business Plan competition.

For many years London mentored a Greater Houston Partnership’s CEO Roundtable, and he mentored students from the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Houston. Several years ago London also mentored award-winning teams that represented Texas Southern University in national business planning competitions.


  • Advisory Board/Board of Directors
  • Business Sales
  • General Business Facilitator
  • Management
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technology
  • Real Estate

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