J. Howard Rambin

J. Howard Rambin

Strategic Planning | Marketing/Sales | Accounting | Financial

Howard is a Co Founder and current CEO of Moody Rambin, one of Houston’s premier, full service commercial real estate firms, serving owners, tenants and investors in the office, industrial, retail and investment sectors, primarily in the Houston SMSA since 1969. 

Howard’s experience with the firm has been as a developer and owner of office building, motels, apartments and condominiums, with the primary focus on the office sector. 

Currently the firm operates as a service provider for third parties. Howard’s specialty in this arena is in leasing representation for owners and tenants. He also offers consulting services, providing his clients with the unique perspective of a developer, owner and broker/agent. 

Throughout his career, Howard has been active in the venture capital space, starting or helping start several firms. In addition, he is active in the venture capital sector in Houston through his membership and participation in organizations such as the Houston Angel Network and entrepreneurial programs at University of Houston and Rice University. 

Currently Howard devotes considerable time to coaching and mentoring and this stems from his recognition of the statements:

  • If I only knew now…..
  • Life is like a bank account, you can’t take out what you don’t put in

Howard’s focus is on helping others in reaching their goals, achieving financial independence and overall improvement of their quality of life. 

His areas of coaching include:

  • People within Moody Rambin
  • Other business people at all stages of company or career development
  • Recent college graduates
  • Addicts
  • Convicts, both in and out of prison

His business coaching/mentoring areas of strength are:

  • Visioning, strategy, tactics
  • Planning
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Finance


Howard’s life has taken him back and forth from New Canaan, CT and Houston. He is a graduate of Deerfield Academy, Kinkaid Academy, U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and SMU.

Howard is a member of Houston Country Club, The Houston Angel Network and several non profit organizations.

He founded Keep Houston Beautiful in the early 70s’s as an organization to fight litter and beautify the city. For this, he was recognized by the mayor in proclaiming November 3, 2003, as J. Howard Rambin, III Day.

Howard’s family includes his wife, four children and a multitude of dogs.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Accounting
  • Financial

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