Lane Sloan

Lane Sloan

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Ideal clients are business owners/CEOs of small to midsize companies

  • who are anxious about their future as all their efforts seem to focus on fighting day to day fires,
  • who are concerned with their lack of growth,
  • who are doing well but worry whether they have the business skills to take their company to next level of success,
  • who are on track to be a powerhouse with expert strategic advice.

As a business owner/CEO do you ask yourself the hard questions?

“Every key decision you make or not make becomes part of a (de facto) plan whether you conceive it strategically or not.”.    Lane Sloan

  1. What is the real state of your business?
  2. Have you devised a winning strategy to attract your targeted customers and beat your competition?
  3. Do you know how to successfully execute a strategic plan to build value?
  4. Are you prepared to constantly adapt and change your business in this increasingly dynamic and chaotic world?

Roles Lane Sloan can provide you:

  1. Strategic advisor
  2. Mentor
  3. Board or Advisory Board member

Compensation tailored for client from hourly, retainer, to equity

Why choose me?

      Visionary Strategist:

  • Well over 100 endorsements for strategy on LinkedIn
  • Taught corporate strategy and strategic leadership courses at UH for many years
  • Several strategic roles at Shell Oil as VP Corporate Planning, CFO, President Shell Chemicals in 29+ year career
  • Authored two leadership/strategy books including Develop a Leadership Plan Become a Great Leader
  • Served on several boards/advisory boards of small companies and Executive Committee of Houston Technology Center
  • Invested in and advised a number of small companies
  • Comprehensive business education with business undergraduate degree in management and marketing, master’s degree in quantitative management science, master’s degree in Accounting, MBA in Finance and PHD finance courses from University of Colorado and University of Houston
  • Silver Fox Advisor for well over a decade


  • Energy
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Advisory Boards
  • Management

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