Michael Reed

Michael Reed

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Michael Reed

What is my background and experience?

Michael is a seasoned executive with an intriguing mix of finance, accounting, operations, strategic planning and executive leadership, in industries as diverse as consumer foods and wind turbine manufacturing.  Here are some examples.

  • Building the team that defined the strategy to grow a business from small, marginally profitable operation to become the market leader in its segment. 
  • Leading a team that executed the complete restructuring of a failing business, saving the business and approximately 200 jobs.
  • Leading a team of analysts and executing acquisitions of businesses ranging in size from $400,000 to over $400,000,000.
  • Leading the demand forecasting function of a major consumer food business, requiring a weekly demand forecast for several hundred products at nine warehouse locations.  
  • Preparing a privately-owned business for sale and assisting in the sale of the business at more than 5X the initial investment.

Through all of this, he has learned and followed basic principles of Leadership and Results focus that are independent of function or industry.


Leadership is about who you are and how you choose to relate to others - your team, your banker, your suppliers - all stakeholders. Your effectiveness as a leader is a direct result of your willingness to be a Principled Person and to Lead with Principles. Tips and hacks may be helpful, but are not lasting.

Results Focus

Excellent financial results are a result of excellent processes and measuring what really matters to you and to your stakeholders. Many of these measurements are non-financial, but all have a direct impact on the health of your organization.

The components of these principles are critical to creating a vibrant and result-oriented work environment - be it in a growing company or in a company on the verge of closing.


  • Advisory Board/Board of Directors
  • Business Sale
  • Financial
  • General Business Facilitator
  • Management
  • Strategic Planning

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