Rich Maloney

Rich Maloney

Retail Business | Management | Strategic Planning | General Business Facilitator

Richard Maloney, Founder

Remark Consulting, LLC

How Can I Help You?

  • Align your  business mission with your personal goals for financial independence
  • Utilizing proven management and business “Best Practices” to achieve financial targets
  • Develop business strategies that will create value
  • Build a well-run successful organization

What is my background and expertise?

Forty years of experience in retail business with executive leadership roles as President, CEO, COO, and CMO of Fortune 500 companies and NYSE listed corporations.

Lead retail acquisitions, mergers, and business turnarounds.

Served on Board of Directors for multiple businesses, profit and nonprofit.

Current activities are focused on advising small business owners with practical strategies and action plans for profitable growth.


  • Retail Best Practices
  • Strategic Planning
  • Management Development
  • Company Organizations
  • Tactical and business planning
  • Confident  to company leaders

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