Richard T. Hendee

Richard T. Hendee

Advisory Board/Board of Directors | Financial | General Business Facilitator | Marketing/Sales | Strategic Planning

Richard T. Hendee, President

Horizon Associates, Inc.

How I can help you?

  • Develop a business, strategic or marketing plan
  • Find and establish a new Banking relationship
  • Renegotiate an existing bank loan or line of credit
  • Restructure your business balance sheet
  • Determine what may be best for your business financially
  • Obtain SBA 7A or 504 financing
  • Perform market analysis
  • Improve cash flow

What is my background and experience?

Over forty years of experience in the financial service industry managing small business, middle market and large corporate commercial banking departments for Community Banks and Large Bank Holding Companies.

Served on the Houston, Texas area SBA Advisory Board for over ten years, chairing the Board for three of the ten years.

Developed numerous business, strategy and marketing plans for businesses of all sizes operating in a wide range of industries with all legal of types business structures (“C”, “Sub-S”, “LLC” and “Non-Profit” Corporations, Partnerships, DBA’s, and Sole Proprietorships).

Served on over twenty-five Board of Directors and have been in leadership roles for all.

Rolled out five different product and service brands on a nationally basis.

Been the owner of a small business for over twenty years.


  • Advisory Board/Board of Directors
  • Finance
  • General Business Facilitator
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Strategic Planning 

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