Vonda Tackett

Vonda Tackett

Advisory Board • Business Sale • Facilitator • Management • Marketing/Sales • Personnel/Human Resources • Strategic Planning


Vonda Tackett is the founder and CEO of Soar Vacation Rental Services, a full service vacation rental management company, located in Galveston, Texas. Vonda started the business in 2017, working off her years of experience as a traveler/vacation home guest and a vacation rental home owner.  

Prior to launching Soar Vacation Rental Services, Vonda owned and operated a 24/7 contact center business, which she founded in 1987 and grew to a multi-million dollar business. Rite Response caters to businesses large and small throughout the nation.  Many calls processed over the 29-year span, during her time at Rite Response, were extremely critical in nature, coming in for hospitals, response teams and many other 24/7 operations needing around the clock support.   While running and operating in a 24/7 environment, and leading a staff of 38, Vonda gained extensive experience in all phases of business including, HR, customer service, sales, marketing, and strategic planning. Vonda acquired another contact center in 2014, merged with three other companies in 2015, and then sold her interest in the company in 2017.

Vonda enjoys the real estate business as well and purchased a small office building in the Heights in 2001 which served her contact center business until she sold it in 2015.  Vonda currently owns a historic home in the Galveston area, (built in 1905), which launched her into the short term, (vacation) rental business.  The house was converted into a duplex. Vonda remains open to additional opportunities in the real estate arena.

Volunteer/Community Service:

Volunteering and giving back is important to Vonda. She especially enjoys her time as a volunteer photographer for Harris County Protective Services and takes photographs of waiting children that are displayed on the Harris County website, in an effort to connect children in the care of the state to adoptive/foster parents.  

Board Affiliation:

BBB Education Foundation- Vonda served on the Better Business Bureau Education Foundation Board for many years, until she sold her interests in Rite Response, in 2017.

LWIM-Vonda currently serves as Secretary on the Lutheran Women in Mission board and attends Memorial Lutheran Church in Houston.

Vonda is married to Steve and they have two children.

When not working, Vonda enjoys time with family, (including her buddy Scooby, a Maltipoo rescue), travel photography, exploring in the great outdoors, and gardening.


Areas of expertise-Small business:

start-ups, strategic planning, partnerships, HR, sales, marketing


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