Case Studies

Case Studies

Silver Fox Advisors assist and help clients by working with them to resolve problems. 

Silver Fox Advisors assist and help Clients by working with them to resolve problems.Through their extensive experience, the CEO Mentor/Advisor provides insight and objectivity in solving daily business problems and making decisions as well as guiding Clients in the development of forward-looking strategic planning, plan execution andpolicy/procedure documentation. The Mentoring Process is a long-term answer to common business problems of cash and people management, planning, organization and control procedures. Silver Fox Advisors have nothing to sell except their expertise and experience. The professional services offered to Clients result in improved management skills that can impact a business's bottom line in a cost effective manner and are designed to help the business grow profitably.

The CASE STUDY format discusses the following four items:

  1. COMPANY is described.
  2. PROBLEM ENCOUNTERED is identified.
  4. CONCLUSIONS are provided.

The following CASE STUDIES are included.

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