Who We Are

Who We Are

Silver Fox Advisors are proven business leaders that advise, consult, and mentor business owners, CEO Roundtables, and entrepreneurship programs.

Silver Fox Advisors is an association of corporate CEO's, senior consultants, visionaries, business leaders and former entrepreneurs who since 1986 have been advising, consulting and mentoring businesses, of all sizes, located in the greater Houston, Texas area. 

Members of Silver Fox Advisors have experience in diverse business disciplines and provide practical and proven real-world, in-depth strategies for a wide range of business solutions. 

The term of the each Client/Advisor engagement varies with the Client’s needs, but the relationship may go on for years. In most cases there is no fee for the introductory meeting. If an engagement is agreed upon the client contracts directly with an Advisor, who sets reasonable fees when compared to other consulting alternatives.

Silver Fox Advisors can help you find a solution to the challenges you are facing with your business. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to have a Silver Fox Advisor meet with you. It may be the most important contact you have ever made.

Experienced Counsel From Diverse Backgrounds

Each Silver Fox Advisor has more than 30 years of experience working in the real world environment, a significant portion of that experience being at the highest levels in private and public corporate executive management. Each Advisor is skilled and qualified in different industries, market segments and disciplines. Silver Fox Advisors have no hidden agenda; they are available to provide business advice, assessments, assistance, coaching, consulting, guidance, mentoring, and much, much more.

Whether your business is growing and expanding, experiencing difficulties, sitting at a crossroad, or being positioned for a sale, you do not need to face these challenges or opportunities on your own. Silver Fox Advisors have been in those positions before and can guide you and your business to success.

Silver Fox Advisors are:

  • Former chairmen, chief executive officers, presidents, members of various boards of directors and top business executives in both public and private companies.
  • Entrepreneurs and owners of successful small and midsize businesses.
  • Professionals who serve on corporate advisory boards and provide specialized services through mentoring and consulting.
  • Networkers who utilize each other’s capabilities and may recommend other third-party expertise when appropriate to satisfy your needs.

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