Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring

Mentors focus on the client’s professional and personal success both short-and long-term.

Silver Fox Advisors Mentors have rich business, professional and personal knowledge and skills that they have gained through real world experiences and their involvement in leadership roles for small and large corporations, often owning their own businesses or being career entrepreneurs. Our Mentors utilize a proven set of mentoring techniques to achieve a client’s business or personal objectives. Most Mentor relationships last for long periods of time as more and more trust and respect build up between the Mentor and the Mentee.

The basics of operating a successful business are pretty much the same regardless of the business. However, if the basic foundation is not in place as the business is being built brick by brick, the walls can come tumbling down, and the business may never achieve success. To reach a client’s objectives, each Silver Fox Advisor may have a different style, but the fundamental elements are essentially the same. Let a Silver Fox Advisor mentor you and your business; below are some examples of general guidelines to be used.


Establishing a Foundation

  • Understanding your business and the industry it operates in.
  • Helping you identify your personal purpose or goals and providing support assistance in matching results with professional and business objectives.
  • Assisting in developing procedures, processes and tools needed to accomplish ongoing success.
  • Guiding you in the development of strategies and plans that when implemented achieve a rewarding business and professional life.

Proven Mentoring Techniques

  • Conducting regular face-to-face meeting times between the Mentor and the Mentee.
  • Establishing of an open line of communication between both parties.
  • Working from a meeting agenda and establish desired results.
  • Completing a personal purpose statement.
  • Matching personal purpose statement with desired business goals and objectives.
  • Staying on track with identified goals and objectives.
  • Measuring long-term success by individual achievements.
  • Learning from mistakes.

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